you called me a project. you said I was your project,as if I was supposed to sit silent,a porcelain doll perked up on your shelf,and take your playful comment assome type of compliment because youended it with “but I still love you”your love means nothing ifyour love means trying to change meto mold me into something … Continue reading

my love,rest your headupon my shoulderslet all of your worries meltagainst the heat of my skinpull down your hair andallow it to drip down your spine;loose, wild, and freedrape your arm acrossthe small of my back andsway with me to the rhythmof our ever expanding universelead me to your bed andlay with me untilthe stillness … Continue reading

if you’re looking for a girl to spend your night with bodies intertwined, tangling underneath soft pink bed sheets who will cook you breakfast in the morning, pour black coffee into her favorite mug and put it in your cold hands i’m not the girl you want but if you want a girl to meet … Continue reading

photographs tell the tales words won’t dare to write and in every photo i’m pictured in i looked the same: smiling but never sincerely physically i’m there but you can see in the way my gaze shys from the camera i’m not truly present. a girl lost in her own world wishing for a way … Continue reading

i’d love to hear about the tea people pour about me. how bitter is it? do they serve it hot, steam over spilling from the rim heated with anger or perhaps they let it cool down a bit before letting it flow over icy words? do they candy coat it with tons of sugar to … Continue reading

from where i stood across the room he looked like a bad boy, one of those you know better than to get yourself wrapped up with a guy like him bad boys a james dean type of way with his faded black leather jacket and his white v-neck shirt. he leaned, side against the door frame, scanning … Continue reading

we can see that the sky is on fire yet that won't stop us from dancing under the neon flames as embers fall beneath our feet, we're careful not to step on them and kick them back into the cold night air. we realize this may be our last time together but if the world … Continue reading