Shattered Pieces

My debut poetry collection, Shattered Pieces!





“the ones who say they’ll never leave
                         are always the first to run…”







You can now purchase my book on the following online stores:

Barnes & Noble

You can also add my book to you Goodreads shelf!

my book 2“your poetry is more important to me than baseball.”

I feel as though people reading this are really going to be able to look at themselves and find truths put in amazing words within these pages. – Nicole F.

I needed another book about abuse, pain and finding yourself with abusive lovers from a sapphic point of view and this book was it. I adored it and cried and smiled and literally hugged it after I was done reading it. – Anne C.


I won this book in a giveaway via twitter, and I have to say it is the most beautiful collection I’ve read in a while. There were SO many pages where the words literally stabbed into my heart they rang so true to my own life. Ashley wrote a beautiful beautiful piece that everyone should read. The emotion from this piece pours over the top and makes you feel emotions you thought you truly suppressed (literally what happened to me, like this girl will make you feel things)
Amazing job on this piece! I will forever praise this! – Rachel H

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