Our Own Battles

Fed up with other people telling her story she begins to write for herself and for all of those who have had their voices silenced. A collection of poems for strong women, for sapphic women, for women who are sick of being told how to be a women. It’s time to switch up the narrative and come together to write our stories, our struggles, our successes.

Companion chapbook to “In Your False Kingdoms” by Anne Chivon

What I loved so much about Ashley’s chapbook is the way it focuses so keenly on women loving women. As sisters. As lovers. As anything. It doesn’t matter. Just that they are stronger together, instead of tearing each other down. It’s a truth almost universally acknowledged that women bare harsher criticism from other women than from men, and Ashley writes about that beautifully…It’s evident that Ashley has already grown as a writer in a very short time.

I honestly wish I could have read something like this when I was younger

If you want a short intro to modern poetry, this book is a good one!

If you have read lots of poetry, be strengthened by this book.

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