you called me a project. you said I was your project,as if I was supposed to sit silent,a porcelain doll perked up on your shelf,and take your playful comment assome type of compliment because youended it with “but I still love you”your love means nothing ifyour love means trying to change meto mold me into something … Continue reading

my love,rest your headupon my shoulderslet all of your worries meltagainst the heat of my skinpull down your hair andallow it to drip down your spine;loose, wild, and freedrape your arm acrossthe small of my back andsway with me to the rhythmof our ever expanding universelead me to your bed andlay with me untilthe stillness … Continue reading

if you’re looking for a girl to spend your night with bodies intertwined, tangling underneath soft pink bed sheets who will cook you breakfast in the morning, pour black coffee into her favorite mug and put it in your cold hands i’m not the girl you want but if you want a girl to meet … Continue reading

ghosts i never felt haunted by their presence. they've always treated me as an old friend. when i'm alone i find comfort in knowing that they are with me. wherever i lead they always follow.

October was a busy month for me, so most of these books are still sitting on my bedside table begging to be read, but I wanted to give a little shout out to all of the books I bought this month, and added the links to them on Amazon! These are in no particular order … Continue reading