my love,
rest your head
upon my shoulders
let all of your worries melt
against the heat of my skin
pull down your hair and
allow it to drip down your spine;
loose, wild, and free
drape your arm across
the small of my back and
sway with me to the rhythm
of our ever expanding universe
lead me to your bed and
lay with me until
the stillness of the night
harmonizes with the warmth of
the dawns promising break
drift off into a slumber 
full of the wishes you made
on bright and dying stars that
danced across an otherwise empty sky
wake me with the gentlest touch
lacing your cold hands around mine
my love, you can
rest your head on my shoulder
for as long as you need
but will you promise me
the nook of your neck 
on the days 
I can no longer carry 
the weight of my own mind
promise me your love,
I promise you already have mine.

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