if you’re looking for a girl

to spend your night with

bodies intertwined, tangling

underneath soft pink bed sheets

who will cook you breakfast

in the morning, pour black coffee

into her favorite mug and

put it in your cold hands

i’m not the girl you want

but if you want a girl

to meet you under the neon sign

of a dimly lit, almost empty bar

kiss you with her back against the wall

and take her back to your place

for no longer than a few hours,

have her climb out your window

and down the fire escape

to never be heard from again

then i know where to find her.

– i’m your girl

if the girl you’re seeking can be

seduced by the sounds of rock n roll,

tequila shots and cigarette smoke

in the back booth of a corner lounge

who won’t ask you your name

or for your number so she call call you

for a round two after spending

the night in the backseat of your car

fogging up the windshield with your breath

and leaving her hand prints on your windows

I can promise you, she is long gone now

but if you’re looking for someone

to spend a chilly Sunday afternoon with

curled up on her couch, movie muted,

as you share secrets and dreams

and the hopes for something lasting

then I think I can help you find her

– I’m your girl part two

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