I promised June poetry prompts, and even though I’m going on a slight break from everything I always follow through with my promises. I really hope if anyone participates in these that they tag me so I can read everyone’s work!

1: self … soft … shut in

2: rainbows at midnight

3: what are you currently at war with?

4: forgiveness

5: warm hands, cold fingertips

6: good dirt, dead plants

7: sense of belonging

8: compliance

9: self sabotage and the opinions of others

10: “I refuse to be afraid”

11: confetti … glitter … and something broken

12: growing up different

13: dreaming of better days

14: stop the hate

15: “they say I’m confused but…”

16: something inside me screams

17: the moon, her stars, and me

18: “I wouldn’t be here without you”

19: just like that, the foundation cracked

20: take me or leave me

21: the essence of summer … flickering … nightfall

22: when nightmares come true

23: love wins (but does it come with a cost?)

24: breaking through, letting go, being free

25: open doors and empty closets

26: no more staples, glue, or tape left to mend with

27: write a letter to someone you once knew

28: consent

29: time is running out… your last words

30: who are you?

Remember to share these on both Instagram and twitter with the hashtag “#WriteYourTruth” and I will be sure to share them when I’m back!

Until then, happy pride to all my fellow community members celebrating this month, happy solstice, happy summer. Take care of yourselves, remember to unplug once and a while and do something special for you!

To get ahold of me while I’m away you can email me at ashrosewrites@gmail.com

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