It’s not you (and other lies we tell)

I released the title of my second poetry collection back in December, but kind of just dropped any word of it right after so I thought it was only right to write a little about it.

Currently, It’s not you (and other lies we tell) or “lies we tell” is it it’s very early stages – it’s still just a little baby needing lots of time and attention. This collection is going to be a little different than my debut collect Shattered Pieces. If you read Shattered Pieces then you know what it’s about (love, lost, anger, forgiveness, hurt, and healing). It follows one relationship, and ends with that. Lies we tell is more inclusive of every day life, and the lies we hear, and tell, just to get through the days a little easier.

This book is broken down into four parts:

I: the lies we have been told

II: the lies we have told others

III: the lies we tell ourselves

IV: the truth comes out at some point

and I’m pretty sure each part speaks for itself. The part I like most about all of this is each part – or at least the first three parts – will all cover the exact same topics. For example – I love you. We’ve all said it to at least one person in our life – a family member, a friend, a lover, perhaps a stranger. Hopefully we meant it, but maybe we didn’t. So each part of the book will have a poem that revolves around those three little, but powerful, life changing words. Of course, that’s not the only lie we tell. We say them without thinking about them sometimes. Someone asks you “hey, how are you doing” and without hesitation most of us will say “I’m okay/good/fine/well” and carry on with our days — but is that true? Only we know that answer.

As of right now, the collection will release sometime this year, and will have cover artwork from Sam Roman (the cover artist of Shattered Pieces), and contain roughly 150 pieces.

I will end it with that, because there isn’t much more to go off of.

I truly hope you all are as excited about this as I am, and in the meantime make sure to check out Shattered Pieces (on Amazon!).

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