Heading into the new year…

2017 was a year of hurt and healing. There were successes, and some of my biggest failures learning experiences yet. I won’t recap on it all but I will leave these:

Things I’m leaving in 2017:

romanticizing abusive relationships

– apologizing for taking up “extra space”, especially to men.

– letting others invalidate my trauma, my feelings, or how I heal

– hatred

– self loathing

– negative “friends”

Things I’m being into 2018:


– self love and respect

– healing

– healthy hobbies and coping mechanisms

– an open mind, heart, and arms

I want to focus on me. I started back in September of 2017 when I finally sat down with a therapist I *clicked* with. I’ve accepted my diagnosis and I’m working on treating them. But I still have a long way to go.

I’m on the hunt for a job I enjoy, and people I want to be around who support me.

I’m on a mission to let last years mistakes be building blocks for this year.


What about you?

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