saying goodbye


Throw back to when Amanda Lovelace, author-poetess of The Princess Saves Herself in this One had a 30-day poetry challenge posted on her Instagram, and day 30 was a “goodbye” poem.

I wrote this waiting for my bus after an argument with a former lover, one of many we had. This poem ended up being one of my favorite pages in my book, and it shaped how the rest of my book was written. It also gave me my title – Shattered Pieces – because in the end, that’s what our entire relationship was built on. Me, trying to put her pieces together while she kept stealing pieces of me when I wasn’t paying attention.

Goodbye seemed to be so easy for her and every time the thought of saying goodbye crossed my mind I’d go into a panic attack. I had no idea how I could have her in my life every day for nearly a year, and then just have her gone in a moment. I was so used to the bad, that I thought bad was our good, and our good was just perfect. I honestly could not imagine my life without her in it. How could I after all we had been through in such a small period of time?

How do you say goodbye to the person who made you feel again?

How do you say goodbye to the girl who made you believe in love?

How do you say goodbye to the one you wanted to spend forever with?

It wasn’t easy.

It wasn’t easy – but I did it.

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